I was dedicated to numbers, worked as an accountant. A profession far removed from this world. The chance made me know the world of events and discover what I really liked. In 2011, a PPRR friend was collaborating in the organization of a corporate event, and he asked me if I could help him a few days. That event was organized by Javier Escobar, a guru in this world who made me fall in love with this work. 9 years later I am still that instrument that my clients need to be able to make that dream day come true.

We are confidants, accomplices and sometimes confessors of those boyfriends and their families.


There are many moments, the face of the groom when he sees the bride, The face of the bride and her father when they wait to enter the ceremony and say “You can start walking”. But the most emotional is when the father of the bride, that person who throughout the process has been kept out of the preparations, approaches and gives you a hug with a huge smile and says “Thank you for everything, my daughter is happy”


Dream, we help you.




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